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Julia Doan 32 weeks pregnant.jpg

Honestly speaking, I have not so many things to say about my pregnancy, because time goes by so fast and before I could even really enjoy anything about my pregnancy, I'm already eight months pregnant and only have one month left. Only a little over a month and I will be holding Julia Junior in my arms. I still cannot believe it. Like seriously, when I think of it I have to smile so big, because it's kind of incredible to me. JJ growing in my belly and then actually turn into a baby haha. I'm not so much looking forward to giving birth, but everything that comes after, don't worry JJ, mom will take careeeeeeee. Please just come out healthy and happy. I'm stressed but I'm happy actually. Like there is nothing that really makes me sad or feel miserable. It's just work that stresses me out. It's an unplanned pregnancy so I have to align work with the time preparing for JJ, I have no choice. Not caring about Floralpunk and just let it go down is not an option, especially not right before christmas season. So yeah, we also recently moved, so here a mirror selfie in our new bedroom.