Julia Doan pregnant.jpg

Some #unhiddenthoughts from my Instagram: "Growing up in a not so picture-perfect family (even though we all got through with it and get along now), those circumstances deeply shaped the person that Iam today. I’m not the most affectionate, loving and caring person. I know it. Giving another person a hug is awkward, unless I’m drunk. I don’t know how to make somebody else feel loved and treasured and appreciated. Because those feelings were never shown to me when I grew up. But I don’t want to be that kind of mother. I want JJ to grow up happy, feeling loved and carefree. I now know that my mom has always loved me, but she herself didn’t know any way to show it. So I grew up thinking that she didn’t. I cried myself to sleep more times than I remember, hated myself, hated my life. Always felt like I didn’t belong. So I hope that I can somehow spark the ability to show affection and to be loving, not just in thought, but also in gesture, so my baby girl will never have to feel not appreciated and valued by me."

I was feeling a little insecure I guess but today is the next day and I'm sure everything will be ok !