I'm actually a very consistent person.

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Top - Wephobia / Earrings, Hat - Zara

I've bee in Hanoi for a good two weeks, without schedule, without routine, with JUJU but that doesn't make it any better. The heat and humidity make me lazy, staying at boyfriends house which is not my home makes me feel alian and a little awkward, and working without my team is kind of lonely. Staying at home watching insta stories and getting fomo sucks, but going out and never quite knowing where to go kind of sucks as well. My Starbucks reward points have rocketed ever since I came here and so has my sugar level. Food options are limited to eating at boyfriend's home (because his mom is always home and always just finished cooking something), eating at grandma's (I try to avoid because I can never eat as much as she expects me to haha), streetfood that is not good for the baby or delicious restaurants at which I tend to overeat on carbs. I haven't really been able to get any work done because I'm always in between feeling too hot, feeling bloated, feeling sleepy or just plain lazy. I'm disappointed at myself for letting so many days pass by without doing the best for myself and the baby. No healthy food, no sleeping pattern, no exercise, not even 2l of water a day. I feel guilty for not taking JUJU on enough walks because Hanoi always feels hot and I'm hella scared of traffic here. Like when I go on the street with JUJU, I'm constantly afraid he might get hit by a motorbike. In Saigon we live at Vinhomes which is kind of an enclosed area with less traffic, higher safety and more walking space. 

I'm actually a very consistent person with a lot of routines. I wake up, I make breakfast, I bring Juju the the store, I work, I go home do house chores, then I go to sleep. Sometimes I have lunch, coffee, dinner dates. Busy days, less busy days. But in general most days have a pattern. And I like that. Right now I can't wait to be back in Saigon. That proves to me that at last, Saigon is home in my heart. But even that took me almost three years. And I'm somebody who needs the feeling of home and security.