I'm usually not a very trendy person.

Shirt & Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Vans
Tights - from some Instagram shop, Q ordered

But this trend I can relate to my punk roots though. Yeah I used to wear ripped tights and fishnet tights at thirteen already. I think it's cool that they are making a comeback because I love seeing them mixed in high fashion or more minimal looks. So I definitely wanted to get a pair and see how it goes now that I'm 24. Just worn under my normal outfit, they definitely give my average daily outfit a little bit more kick. But I don't really see myself wearing them out on the street. I have become a very very casual person when it comes to dressing. These tights are that little extra effort. Actually I was supposed to take a proper shoot with Brian on the street today but when I figured that I don't feel like going out, I didn't want to bother to put make up on, so here we have another mirror outfit shoot. I hope you guys don't mind. I actually like my mirror.