It's ok to think what you think

No matter what people are trying to tell you.
Either way you won't listen if you think it's not right.
And right and wrong don't exist anyway. They are directions we make up in our mind.

Julia Doan Nosbyn
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Sometimes I feel like withdrawing myself from social media, but my urge to express myself is always stronger than that. These days, for some odd reason, a lot of people take the right to judge me for sharing public opinion. Growing up in Germany I learned that it is a good thing to share your opinion, to have arguments and a discourse. Here people tell me not to share negative opinions because it's offensive. That I might "hurt" other people's feelings. The reason why I try to hold it back is not because I care about those people's feelings, but because I can't be bothered to care about the bullshit that comes along with it. When other people do it, I'm just really acceptive of it. People have reasons for having thoughts and opinions, people can fee guilt when hurting other people's feelings, opinions can change so easily, so why making such a big fuss about it ? Without publicly shared negative opinion, how could and all rating websites exist ? You think if you leave a negative feedback on a restaurant it doesn't hurt somebody's feelings ? Stop being so hypocritical. We all do it. Having our own opinion. And not everyone will love your opinion either. So just accept it when others have opinions you don't share and move on. The most stupid thing I heard so far was, I'm a "hot girl" so I should pay more attention about what I say. Let me clear this to you. In the first place, I'm still a blogger. And what does a blogger do ? Write about what they think and experience. So thanks for reading.

Of course I could also write about superficial scripted reality, such as, oh my life is so great and everything is wonderful and I had such a great day and my whole life is so perfect, but who's been following me for a while knows, it's not me. I LIKE TO SHARE WHAT I THINKKKKKK because I think way too much : )))