How could you possible hate this cute little fur baby ???
And Juju really is the cute kind of dog.

Today I has such a distressing and upsetting encounter with a woman who ran after me on the street in the area I live in, and filmed me and my dog Juju. Just to record what horrible things my dog is doing (basically walking or peeing against a tree). She threatened me that she will make sure dogs will be banned in that area and was upset why I have a dog even though it's prohibited. First of all. It's not prohibited. There will never be a law that forbids dogs to pee against a tree. Second of all, yes there is a dogs not allowed sign, but it's a tiny sticker on the front door of our building. And not on the fucking street next to the building where I was taking Juju around. People should reflect at themselves first before blaming every dog owner they see. I'm very very responsible with Juju when we go out. I would never let him poop and then just leave it there. But even if, dog poop is biodegradable. It will vanish after a time. It's part of nature. Whereas those people who blame dogs probably let their children throw away plastic trash on the street, which won't vanish by itself even in hundred years. People really should get some education and common sense first before raging at other people and what they did "wrong"