Dividing my time between work, beer, friends, family & insomnia.

This is simply not my city. I'd have to lie if I said it was. I have some really good friends here who I love, I love the Bavarian culture and our beer and how beautiful the city is, but I don't think I'd ever come back for living. The city is so small and so calm, it's really hard for me to feel any feeling of excitement. Not to speak of the completely different lifestyle people like to live here. Munich likes posh and fancy while Berlin is more trashy and whatever. And I'm the whatever person. 

What did I do in the past week ? Mostly going to Octoberfest and getting drunk on beer. The second major thing I did was shopping. I shopped so much, fml. Why ? There's nothing else to do. "Let's go downtown". And then you end up at Zara again and buy another pair of black skinny jeans. Maybe it's my fault. I will do my best to rediscover Munich for myself so that next time I can feel more joy about coming here, but I doubt it's possible at this point. If you ever come to Munich, it is a beautiful city, a lot of cultural activities, the mountains and lakes are super close, but don't expect it to be exciting. Because it's not. Munich people tend to say that it's a hugeass village. I'm glad that I didn't stay here. I never felt like it was the right place for me (to live).

My friend Yonggyu from Berlin is coming down tomorrow, on Sunday I'm off to Zurich, back on Monday and then I'm leaving to Berlin on Tuesday. By the end of next week I will be back in Saigon and off to Hanoi right away. I'm sooooo sad to go back but I'm also excited for all the new Floralpunk things to come. Stay tunedddd.