Calm & happy

It's been a while.


I'm sitting in my room, it's late afternoon, a candle smelling of cinammon is burning, I'm finishing off some work for Florapunk all calm, happily munching on my rice cracker. I haven't felt this at peace for a really really long time. 

To be honest, as much as I love all the people I met and the opportunities that they brought to me, I don't want to go back to Vietnam. Not for living. My life wasn't bad when I left Berlin, i had friends, fun and great food. And I left my good lfe for excitement. But as it is with heights, at some point you will have to fall and reach lows. And the lows in Vietnam have been really bad on me recently. I was so unhappy and no matter what happened, I never felt content. Now back in Germany again, just a visit to the supermarket can bright up my day already. A döner kebab that I sometimes get opposite my apartment. Walking around outside surrounded by people everyone minding their own business.

I really miss my dogs though. I wish I could take them to Germany with me but it wouldn't be fair towards a Long, because he loves them so much as well. I just think that they could have a better life here. They could go anywhere with me and go to parks and play with Cookie...

Guys, I really want to go back to Berlin but what can I do... my whole life and everything I worked so hard for is in Saigon right now. I can't just leave...