It doesn't take more than a little bag to make your whole outfit feel special.
- in friendly collaboration with MCM Vietnam -


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Hat, Heels, Earrings - Floralpunk / Top - REN / Pants - Wephobia / Sunglasses - Gentlemonster
Photos by Nhat Linh

When I first spotted this beautiful brocade version of the Mitte bag at the MCM press event at Takashimaya, Saigon, it was pretty much love at first sight. I knew that a bag like this would make my rather plain outfits so much better. I mean look at those details, they look so luxurious, you could wear plain skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, throw this bag on an still look fantastic ! I looked it up online but it was nowhere to be found, so I guess if you want this bag, better hurry to Takashimaya fast ! 

I paired it with a REN top though, because I wanted to know what the hype about bows and flared sleeves is all about, and it sure does make you feel more trendy and stylish. The problem with me and trends though is that I often get to lazy to pull em off so most of the time I return to my good old Subtle & Simple top, Wephobia pants or Zara skinny jeans. Apropos Zara, it's launching in Saigon real soon ! I was invited to the opening event but unfortunately I'm going back to Berlin this Sunday where we have like at least six Zara haha. It's funny how something actually so familiar can get you so excited on the other side of the world.