Things they don't teach you at business school

It's not all fun and easy as it looks... 


Everybody has been congratulating me on the new store opening and as relieved I am that we did it, the challenges keep coming. There are so many things that just happen and make me feel tired or sad, that simply lie out of my control. All of what I do, would never be possible without my girls, the #Floralpunkcrew. I'm well aware of that, and I appreciate each and every single one of them with all my heart. But being a boss is actually not cool to me at all. It's the one thing about Floralpunk that is really really hard to me. Being in a leadership position. I grew up having like three friends. I never hung out with many people. I'm an anti-social. Who is now surrounded by 6 to 10 little fairies every day. And as much as I care about them, it's really hard for me to show it. I'm not good at encouraging other people. In fact I'm only good at expressing negative emotions. Having to express happiness or any other positive feeling like gratefulness makes me feel uncomfortable. So being a positive and good boss is so goddamn fucking hard to me. But it's something I have to do and it's part of the business. It stresses me out to the extent that I start loosing hair. To the extent that I just want to quit everything. But of course I won't. I somehow have to overcome my own weakness and find solutions. That's real life shit.