Floralpunk Summer Products

And once again we try to introduce a minimal approach.


This is the sequel to one of the previous posts. I bet no one in school or university prepares you for this kind of break up: When one of your most trusted and valued employees requests to leave. That's the one thing that really pulled me down today and is giving me a lot of headache and heartache. On the other hand I had a very uplifting experience today. In life you can't have everything I guess. I'm not good with either too positive or negative experiences. I had a panel talk at RMIT today and received great positive feedback, which made me feel really grateful. I remember back in school, every time I had to give a talk in front of class, I'd completely shut down and just forget everything. Those horrible experiences make me feel scared to talk in front of many people up to today. When I first entered the room today I couldn't stop shaking but thanks to Anais encouragement and my vlog experience, I somehow managed to get through without getting a black out. Oh dear, life.

For Floralpunk I really love the black summer mood a la The Neighbourhood this year. Maybe it's directly connected to the fact that I'm very moody these days. When it comes to products we have a lot of new minimal earrings, chokers and we recently added new shoessss like these perfect Pointy Heels !