My most favourite designer in Vietnam. Even though I wouldn't wear the pieces.

Not because I don't love them. I love them to death. I just don't see myself as that kind of woman. Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't want to be. I would love the be that kind of woman that looks beautiful in a Lam Gia Khang dress. The kind of woman, that I'm yet to become. Confident, elegant, sophisticated, independent, gracious and just beautiful. 

I'm still the kind of girl wearing sneakers, ripped skinny jeans with a bottle of beer in my hand, sitting on the pavement, trying to be in charge of my life. Trying to figure out what I want. When I look at this beautiful F/W collection, with the long black leather gloves, utterly ladylike yet undone and raw dresses, I feel like the woman who wears these pieces should know what she wants. And maybe be a little more feminine than me. But gosh, I'd love to be that kind of woman one day. And I'd love to buy pieces from this collection, because most of the pieces are just nothing but brilliant. Especially that look in the third photo with the dress over the top because it somehow makes me think of Audrey Hepburn.

Anyway, congratulations to anh Lam Gia Khang, a beautiful collection. Once again.