Masseter Botox - Before & After

Sequel to my first post about Masseter Botox in 2014: here

Right top: BEFORE
Left & right bottom: AFTER

Hi guys, for some odd reasons I have gotten a lot of messages about my masseter botox procedure these days. So I thought it'd be a good idea to update you guys about my experience. When I first decided to get it done, I was hella worried as well and didn't know whether to do it or not, whether it would bring any side effects and whether the result would be really effective or not.

Let's get to the facts about the procedure first. You get masseter botox if you feel like your jaw is big, due to muscle mass (not bone). Since it's a muscle, like any other muscle in the body, due to exercising it (grinding teeth at night or whatever), the muscle will grow bigger. So if you decide to get botox for your jaw, find a doctor that is specialised and has experience with this procedure. The procedure itself is not painful at all, takes maybe 10 minutes. They just disinfect your skin, pump three to five injections of botox on each side of your muscle and that's it. No need to consider anything, no pain, nothing. There is no immediate effect. In the before photo above you can see me after I got it done in Seoul a couple months ago. While in Germany my doctor told me to get only 3 injections on each side and come back after 3 months for another session, in Korea they just did 6 injections at once to me. The doctor didn't even speak a lot of English, but I guess it was a simple procedure to him. In Germany it cost me 300 Euro for 1 session of 3 injections on each side. In Seoul I paid 100 Euro for 6 injections on each side. Vietnam is about the same price as Germany but up to 5 injections. 

Ok let's get to the personal aspect: Was it worth it ? Hell yes. Look at hamster me in the upper photo. Why did I do it? My jaw got so big and I felt unphotogenic and ugly. What changed after I got it done ? My face became 'slimmer' because the muscle mass relaxed and went down. I look skinnier, even though I did not loose weight. It takes about a month for the effect to kick in, so it will seem to have gone down naturally, unlike drastic plastic surgery. I wouldn't say I recommend getting this procedure done, but what I can say is that it made me a lot happier, and it worked for me. If you have any more questions feel free to message me : )