+ a little bit of melancholia

But at least I got Juju after all. My beautiful, gorgeous, playful little Juju. This little furry energy bundle that wakes me up licking my face every morning, and if I'm not ready to wake up yet, will lie down next to me again and cuddle it's little soft body next to mine. That's the amazing thing about having a dog. You are never alone. Not that I'm really alone. I have a boyfriend. But I miss my friends. They all seem to be elsewhere and just as busy. We don't catch up as much, not that I'm much of a up-catcher anyway. It's hard for me to even catch up with my boyfriend and I see him every day. The only thing I put effort in catching up with is work and Floralpunk. That's important to me. Not that my friends aren't, but they are not present anyway, and no matter what happens, I hope we will still stay friends. That's why we don't catch up because I think they feel the same. 

That's what's going through my mind, while I'm sitting at the new Marou cafe on 169 Calmette street, on a Sunday afternoon. I even brought headphones to listen to music. I never listen to music these days. Too busy. But this weekend I decided that I will not stress myself out and that I will not be busy. But that again makes me feel lonely, so I have to occupy myself with work again.