Half a Day in Hanoi

To be honest, I haven't taken photos with camera for ages. I barely use my DSLR anymore, and sometimes I feel a little guilty about it, letting it sit in a drawer at Floralpunk most of the time. The only things the lens gets to see are our products in flatlays or close up over and over again. That's why I decided to take it to Hanoi with me, and to film my VLOG and to take photos with it. It took me only half a day until I ran out of battery. Of course. And today I knew I would be at the market all day, so I didn't bring it. Excuses. I'm so sorry Canon 60D + 35mm lens, you deserve to see so much more beauty in this world, but because of my laziness, you can't live up to your full potential... I promise I will try to do better ! : ( 

First we had breakfast (a bowl of pho that was not photogenic but tasted quite good) right across the lake at 61 Dinh Tien Hong Street. Then we just walked across the street and gazed at the lake, like any tourist would do. I have never done it before, because I'm mostly with my friends when I'm here, and they always make me feel so local haha. But it was a nice and calming view, minus the tourists. When we were about to cross the red bridge, it started to rain.

So we moved on to Up To Seconds (2 Pho Hue Street), where I saw a cute shirt on Instagram. Turned out the shirt is way too small for me, and looks better in photo as well. I wanted to take photos but oddly was not allowed to, so this is the only shot I have. I told my friend Kim, who is doing art direction and partly social media marketing there (i think), and she told the sales girl to not do that to people anymore. I mean come on, we don't live in a world in which photography is prohibited anymore. And where is the difference between DSLR and iPhone photos, except that the DSLR one will look better, and show the store in a  better light ? I couldn't buy anything because everything runs a little small, and I'm not that small. They are aiming at the commercial fashion market, and Vietnamese girls are more petite, so it's understandable. It was still raining by the time my girls, Hang & Vee, were done with shopping, so we hopped onto our Uber again.

LIIQ rush / 43 Nui Truc Street, Kim Ma, Hanoi / Facebook: LIIQ Rush / Instagram: @liiqrush

We ended up on Nui Truc Street, number 43, chi Ly's LiiQ Rush store ! The Liiq Touch for home decor is being renovated right now, right next door. I bought the fish tail top in black and another black top. I'm quite picky with my clothes, so just because something is black or white, it doesn't mean I'm going to buy it, obviously. From LiiQ we walked a little to the Railway store, where I bought a couple of nice jackets last time, but there was nothing interesting this time, so we moved on back into town.

Gosh I love this store, even though it's Menswear haha. I used to have a crush on the owner of this store only because of his sense for aesthetics ! It's one of the few nice and photogenic retail stores that I know, even thought the product range is obviously nothing for me. We just went to have a look. I ended up buying a T-shirt, just because, you know. You can never have too many white T-shirts haha. (address: 109 Lo Duc Street, HN)

Not knowing whereelse to go, we optioned for food, because food is never a bad choice. We went all the way to Lotte Center, and all the way up to the 6th floor to have lunch at Bornga. Lotte Center is a pretty new multi-purpose building, with a department store, office floors, a hotel, residences and an observatory deck. I guess it's the highest building in Hanoi right now. Quite impressive ! Bornga is situated on the sixth floor of the department store, and there are a couple of other restaurants as well, but when you see the amount of salad leaves you get for your Korean BBQ, its really hard to resist ! Even though I must personally say that I prefer King BBQ over Bornga. But because we have King BBQ in Saigon as well, I somehow always end up at Bornga again haha. After this meal, I was so close to unconsciousness, that we went back to the hotel. I had only four hours of sleep the night before and was super tired.

And that's the end of my journal. I used to be a sole diary blogger, and kind of miss those days. I just can never seem to find the time to take photos, edit photos, write and to review what I did. I don't even want to think about my VLOG material right now. Way too much. And yet not enough, because I do want to share the best and most informative bits out of my life on this space. Blogging is definitely not a freelance occupation. You have to really sit down and spend time on it. Pictures don't get edited by themselves. Anyway, I swear, I will bring my camera with me tomorrow. Not for anyone but for myself !