Don't read on if you don't like negative vibes. I warned you.

Photo of Tom Ford Eyeliner by Tamira Jarrel

Hey guys, it's the time of the night when I need to start raging again because there are too many things around me that really annoy me. Why do I get annoyed and complain about things ? Because I'm HUMAN. There are people who don't hate and there are people who hate. I'm the second kind. I'm the fucking pessimistic, easily depressed and hating kind of person. Which doesn't mean I'm not nice. I'm still a nice person, and just because I'm hating on you or what you do, it doesn't mean that I hate you. I just don't like you. But today it's not about someone specific, because I never really hate someone. Most of the time when I hate on SOMEONE, it's just about something specific that they do, or I'm secretly jealous. Hey, don't forget, I'm human. So first, I HATE SUPER FAKEASS BEAUTY REVIEWS. I HATE THEM TO DEATH. I HATE THEM SO MUCH THAT I HAVE TO USE CAPITAL LETTERS AND ITALIC. Because I'm the mofucker who googles every single shit and listens to every single recommendation, so when 'beauty bloggers' (who don't even run a proper blog but just use social media... sorry, but please, don't use the word blogger on someone who simply isn't one and doesn't even run a blog)... Where was I. Yeah, so when 'beauty bloggers' do product reviews based on their collaboration with the brand, and just to please the brand and the marketing team to suck out more money and to get more free products, or whatever, it pisses me off ! Because as a consumer myself, I rely on these people's honest opinions. If a product is shit, at least have the guts to make an HONEST review. Ok you don't have to ramble like me right now, but there ARE ways to express negative and positive opinion. Seriously, when you do beauty reviews and every single shit you talk about is so fake and pretentious, you mislead me and all your other readers/viewers, AND I HATE THAT. AND I WOULD NEVER DO THAT ! I tell all my personal clients that I WILL NOT state opinion, if they want me to write a review about a product I dislike. What's the fucking point of being an influencer, if you are 100% influenced by the money that is being transferred to your bank account, and don't care about the actual influence that you have on your readers/viewers? I don't like it, and honestly, I don't respect people who do that. Good and great that you always have the latest beauty products and are allowed to go to every launch, but I, personally, I care about the people who follow me. I want you guys to be able to trust my opinion with a good conscience. Like when Ohui first told me to review the Cell Power No1 Essence, I rejected. I mean at that time I got it like a day ago. How can I write a review after a day ??? Even if they had offered me 1000 USD I wouldn't have done it. NOW, on the other hand, after having used and grown to love it in the past two months, I'm dying to review it. Not for the money or for their marketing team to be happy, but because I want to share it with you ! (Honestly, my skin condition has improved a lot from it's former state, and a lot of people told me that my skin looks amazing these days.) So, yes. I HATE FAKE BEAUTY REVIEWS. And people who do that are not real beauty bloggers to me.

Basically anything of which I feel like it's pretentious and not real, I don't like. Yo, I'm in a country where freedom of speech is not in the constitution (i think), but hey, I still got opinion and am well allowed to express them. If you are not happy with it... Well, we don't need to be friends. My best friend Yi actually thinks I'm quite funny when I rage about things that annoy me. Unless she disagrees with my opinion haha. Then we will just talk about it and come to the conclusion that we have different opinions haha. Anyway, I try to be more of myself again, because I was heavily influenced by this pretentious shit, but that's not who I am, and I can't do that shit man. I'm Julia, sometimes emo, sometimes upset, sometimes happy, sometimes shy, sometimes confident, and so much more. There's so much more to me than just a Facebook profile and Instagram feed. Actually I really love Snapchat recently. I rage and talk and do whatever I want, and noone will ever say anything. You can think whatever you want about me, but as long I don't hurt anyone, I think it doesn't really matter that much what I say. It's just what I think at that very moment (doesn't mean I can't change my opinion right?). Anyway, I can't figure out a way to end this post more elegantly so peace out.