When you feel good but noone takes your photos

There are days on which you simple go that extra mile.


Hat - bought at Up To Seconds / Striped shirt - from Platinum Plaza Bangkok / White Top - Nosbyn (new) / Pants - Wephobia / Slippers - Nosbyn (new)

Today was that day to me. Guess what I did. I ironed this shirt and wore it above my white top. I added an extra layer ! Something I often do not do, simply because it's way too hot. This single added layer made me feel kind of good though. Because I put in extra effort you know : )) My girls seemed so busy today that I took my OOTD myself. #mirrorselfieforlife

I also put on make up today, and after I lost my beloved Sephora eyeshadow palette, I'm now using the Naked2 one, and I haven't figured out which colours really suit me yet. In fact my eye make up game still ain't strong. How can other girls pull off so many amazing looks and I'm even struggling to find a good daily make up routine ? Trial and error. I now know that grey looks really not good on me. I'm more a natural brown-shades kind of girl I guess.