Photos by Hau Le

Julia Doan Vietnamese Fashion Blogger

Jacket - ZARA / Pants - Up To Seconds / Bag - MCM Patricia / Necklace - Floralpunk / Sneakers - Adidas

If you ask me, why I wear a jacket in Vietnam, where it is 30 degrees Celcius + every day of the week, the answer is simple. Sun protection. When you first come back to Vietnam as a tourist, the sun is amazing. You embrace it, love it, let it have you wholeheartedly and soak it up with every piece of your skin. But if you live here permanently, are not too keen to get tanned, and ride on a motorbike during the peak hours of a sunny day most of the time, you won't get around sun protection. While I honestly am not that obsessed with sun protection yet, I do throw on something, whether it's my Zara blouson or a white and pink floral print sun protection jacket (see, you don't know because you don't follow me on Snapchat: doan.julia).