Photos by Hau Le

Of course with a hint of black. As mentioned in my previous bog entry I don't own a lot of white products. I think 90% of my wardrobe and footwear is black. This is the outfit that I wore for the OHUI event close up. I will try to update outfit photos more often ! I'm not sure about outfit videos right now, for the plain fact that I look fat in videos haha. Ok not fat, but not as skinny as I'd like to be so that makes me feel uncomfortable. What do you think, do you prefer outfit photos or videos ? I personally prefer photos actually.

Hat - from China / Top - from Seoul / Bag - MCM Patricia / Pants - Mango VNXK bought at Saigon Square / Loafers - The Kooples / Earrings - Floralpunk Ladybird

I have this great photo gallery function on Squarespace that I should use more often !
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