EVENT: OHUI Cell Power Number 1 Essence

Everytime L'Officiel invites me to an event, the dresscode happens to be #allwhite.

... and of course I can not always quite stick to it. It starts with the lack of white bottom parts and white shoes. The only pair of white shoes I own are Vans, and they are not so white anymore haha. I saw a really nice pair of Adidas at the Bitexco store yesterday, but they didn't have my size. I'm also currently having my eyes on a pair of Filling Pieces, all white leather. But it's a big investment on shoes that I will certainly 'unwhite' in a blink of an eye, so until then, I can never quite stick to these #allwhite dresscodes. I also went to Vincom today and saw a gorgeous white bag (12tr), which is very similar to my MCM one, but a different kind of material, a little bigger and it's white. It looks really really gorgeous though. With that one in my wardrobe I will get one step close to #allwhiteeverything, just in case I need to go to L'Officiel events haha. 

Just kidding, noone would kill me if I were to wear another colour : ) I just wanted to sum some things up. A, I'm probably going to buy a new bag, B, I went to this OHUI event today, to which L'Officiel invited me. It was held at the ballroom of the beautiful Hotel des Arts (love this place!), and besides afternoon tea and sweet treats, we were introduced to this beauty essential: The OHUI Cell Power Number 1 Essence (seriously, who comes up with these product names, and why are they always so long). Of course we received samples, of course they told us that this product is amazing, and of course it was very convincing, so I'm already sitting here with my face soaked in this essence. I mean, the marketing woman from LG told us that we should give it a try, and use only this product for a couple days to feel the difference, so I'm happily doing as told. The more I can reduce my skincare routine, the better. (The Koreans are crazy, 8- or 10-step skincare, who does that haha?)


I'll keep you updated of the results of this new essence. It sounds promising, but don't all beauty products ? The beauty industry is so damn good at branding and marketing products haha.