NEWS NEWS NEWS, a new column !

Welcome to a new section in my blog, the weekly news ! In this section this could be anything from what moved or inspired me the previous week or launches/events that I know of that are coming up. Anyway I want to share it with you guys, so here is the first round of local & international news from my side:

  1. After a long absence because of Tet, The New District is back ! Same location, a lot of brands and like always an amazing atmosphere. What really gets me looking forward to it this time though, is the fact that I'm really craving for Brian's Churros and TND teamed up with Maybelline, so they will have a stall with products 20-25% off. And if you buy more than 320K, you even get a free blush. Who says no to free blush ?! I don't ! So if you happen to be in HCMC this weekend, check out The New District, and with the code MAKEITHAPPEN you even get 100K off your uber ride. Sweet ! Oh and don't forget to buy something Floralpunk, too. Thank you ! : ) 
  2. Ren just published the editorial to their latest collection TRUE ROMANCE. Shot by the amazing Tuan Anh Le, the images are just what the name of the collection promises. Romantic, dreamy and just love ! Check the full shoot here.
  3. Have you heard of MAC's latest collab with Zac Posen yet ? When I first saw the products on Teetharejade's blog, I was already sold. I'm not a sucker for make up, but I do love pretty packaging, and the colours speak to me too. I'm not sure whether it will be and when it will be released in Vietnam ? Or has it been released here, too ? I haven't heard anything yet. I'd probably have to get myself the eyeshadow palette. I will check out a MAC counter tomorrow and let you guys know.
  4. Furla is on it's way to become an established blogger must-have ! A couple days ago they invited a bunch of international influencers (Trang Khieu for Vietnam), to a presentation event for their A/W 16 bag collection during Milan Fashion Week. I already have my eyes heavily fixed on the small transparent beauty, but the studded one with the chain and leather strap talks to me too. I wonder when they will hit stores in Vietnam. I'll keep you updated (because I want the transparent bag haha)
  5. You have always been wanting to buy a pair of Y-3's but never quite wanted to spend those 400$? No worries. Adidas Vietnam just released the new Tubular's, and if the Y-3's fit your style, the new Tubulars will as well, and probably are also friendlier to your wallet. I'm currently collaborating with Adidas to promote the Tubular Defiant, and I must say, they are so nice I would have bought them ! I was never an adidas girl so I'm really surprised.

That's it from my side for this week. I'll be back next Saturday with my favourite online/fashion news to let you know what's up ! It would also be kind if you let me know what you think about this column and I'd also look forward to contributors (as I don't really have much time to research and am usually more an Instagram person).