I just got to know the power of lipsticks very recently. These are my favourites:


from left:
INGLOT Matte - Rouge a Levres (428) 
NARS Pure Matte Lipstick - Montego Bay
NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Walkyrie

Before this year, I think except for a bight red or my good old deep purple Sephora lipstick, I have never ever used lipstick on a daily base. I was ok with my natural lip colour and never thought that I'd have to do more. But watching countless youtube videos and seeing all these IG super babes and the colours that they use, I gave it a second thought, and started looking for the perfect lipstick. My lips are prone to get dry because I don't drink as much water as I should. To my surprise my three favourite daily lipsticks right now are all matte, and before I always thought matte would dry out my lips way too much, so I never dared to use matte. Anyway, it's not the case, I do apply a layer of lip balm all the time though. The Inglot is my first and favourite one, it changed my life. It enhances my natural no make-up look so much, I didn't think it would be possible. 

I'm a super big fan of thick matte lip colour, and I really hate the Korean lip trend with the bright red/pink/orange colours that you only apply like on the inner parts of your lips, and then it fades out ? Anyway, a lot of Vietnamese girls do it as well, I don't like it at all haha. It looks just plain ugly to me, sorry if I'm offending anyone, that's my personal opinion. I mean other people think matte lipsticks are ugly too, right ? That's fine, cos everyone has their own opinion. That's what makes us people of a democratic society. (I'm from Germany, so..)