I would have never thought that I'd ever buy a MCM bag.

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Come on, don't lie, you didn't know that MCM also makes these kind of bags. MCM has a very very strong brand awareness, which is good, but I just could never relate to that brand because of the designs that they usually and mostly promote.

Studded bags, full of logos, worn by people whose sense of fashion is not exactly mine (I see mostly Chinese people wearing them, with outfits that do not relate to the bag but nvm). I WAS SO SURPRISED. I usually would never even set foot into a MCM store, because I'm such an ignorant bitch, but fate brought us together on that cold winter day in Myeongdong. Chi, my friend, asked me whether I wanted to check out the store, and because I was so tired and it was so cold, I was like why not. I walked in and I saw it right from the start. I checked it out and I knew this saddle bag was made for me. I loveeee this sleek leather, even though it easily scratched, and it had just the right amount of silver hardware for it to look not too minimal (because I'm not a minimalist haha). 

To round up the story, Chi forbid me to buy the bag because it was 850.000KRW (about 850$), but I would have gotten 7% tax refund so in the end it would have been... cheaper. I was sold, but Chi didn't let me buy it haha. I couldn't forget it though, so the next day I went back with Sonya, just to find it sold out ! I was screaming inside. But luckily Sonya speaks Korean so she called the other stores to ask for available items. Pretty much sold out everywhere there was only one sample piece left at a mall nearby. Of course I went there and bought it. I was even thinking about not buying it for one second because it had a scratch on the back already, but luckily I still bought it. And since yesterday I have been extremely happy with my purchase. This was a good investment haha.


MCM patricia black saddle bag
MCM patricia black saddle bag

So I did a little research for you guys in case you want to buy it. The option that makes sense the most is calling your closest MCM store and to ask whether they have it in stock. If you are unlucky like me, living in a country where tax is horrendous and basically nothing is available anyway, there are online shops. But beware, there are so many price differences ! The cheapest one I could find in my size were the one at Bloomingdales for 820$ (buy here), which is the original price from the website. I bought mine for 850.000 KRW (~700$) AND will get a 7% tax refund though.  No matter how you do it, you won't find it cheaper outside of Korea I guess (hehe oh I'm so lucky).

For the Mini version, which is a lot smaller than the Small size, you will have to pay even more on websites such at Farfetch (895 Euro) or the German Online Shop Fashionette (895 Euro). I only looked up the black colour, if you want the brown or, god beware, go as fancy as buying the one full of logos, I suggest getting it at Selfridges. The small one is only 612 Euro there, and I have noticed many times before that Selfridges has very competitive and good prices !  Back then I was looking for the Chloe Faye which was sold out everywhere, and while it was already 2000 Euro on other online shops, at Selfridges it was only 1200 Euro. Of course there are more and other online shops, and you might get it cheaper elsewhere, but I do not recommend to buy the Mini for 895 Euro though, just because the Korean original price is 630 Euro and that's a huge price gap haha. 

Location: Alex The Coffe Seongbok

Location: Alex The Coffe Seongbok