photos taken by me

It's rare to meet people that fascinate you with their aura. Chun is one of those people. Studied in Russia for 7 years, got a Phd, and decided to go back to Vietnam to work as tattoo artist. People driven by passion rather than society's expectations amaze me. 

He's one of the calmest person I have ever met. He's living the life of a loner without ever feeling lonely. Very contrary to my own personality. I enjoy talking to him because he actually listens without expecting any sensation from it. Talking to him is not to convince or impress. It's just simply talking. 

So yeah, this is Chun. I took these photos at his studio today. If you are interested in dot or black work, you might want to check out his work. Just check instagram for @chunhack or Chun Hack Tattoo on Facebook. The studio is at 245/43 Nguyen Trai, District 1. He's really nice, trust me on this one.