Photography by Bobby Nguyen
Make up by Tuan
Styling by Pham Bao Luan
Production by Floralpunkcrew


Outfits by WEPHOBIA & Floralpunk
Behind the scenes photos by the #Floralpunkcrew

This shooting seriously turned out completely different than I had envisioned. Ok I was heartbroken and lovesick and didn't bother to even show up on the day of the shoot or to take care of the styling, so that's completely my fault. If you follow me on Snapchat or Insta Stories you know I've been sad for a few weeks. Luckily I still had my girls to rely on. Seriously, without my team Floralpunk would be nowhere ! I can't repeat it enough how grateful I am to have them. They've been running pretty much everything by themselves for months and whenever I feel shit, never pressure me to function. Because when I can't I can't. Ok I don't really feel like writing right now so just watch my insta stories to know what I'm up to. We have a lot to prepare for christmas and it's been ages since I've been back to work, so my workload right now is next level. Happy December kids !