Lack of Leisure

I don't really have hobbies beside the internet.  


Internet saved my life by making me becoming the person Iam today, but at the same time it took a lot of reality away from me. In Vietnam it's even worse because you don't spend a lot of time going around in the city (or at least I don't). Most of the time I'm on my phone or on my Macbook and the only time I really do not use any devices is either when I have to shower or when I'm walking my dogs. I see reports about internet camps and I think myself that I should attend one. I'm addicted next level and almost everything I do is related to work. So I need to find a hobby. I need to find a hobby and someone to do that hobby with. I don't really feel like I have a lot of friends where I live and I love the girls at Floralpunk but I don't think they want to hang with me after work or on the weekend haha.  

I feel like my mental health is at stake and I simple need that time to not think about work and anything and just focus on something else. Be it yoga or Korean class. I really want to add something to my agenda that helps me to relax. My current form of relaxation is doing 'chill' Floralpunk work like researching photos or creating new concepts. but actually it's still work no matter whether I enjoy it or not. Actually working out is a very good option to forget thinking because you will be too busy thinking that you want to die on that threadmill haha.

We are setting up our new office soon, and I ordered a bunch of stuff from Ikea Guangzhou. Literally can't wait !