First time SEOUL !

Seoul Trip Diary:

After a nine hour flight and a 16 hour transit in Kuala Lumpur, I arrived in Seoul all excited ! Everyone who arrives in Seoul Incheon, try the restaurant at B1, it was one of the best dishes that I had in Seoul haha. I had pork with rice, so yummy ! Getting around in Seoul is pretty easy, and you have to buy a sim card online in advance. I also recommend buying a T-Card, which is like an Oyster card, which you can use on basically all public transportation and even in taxis. Buy it at the AREX transportation center (or sth like that, which is actually the train transportation information center thing, it took me a while to find it because AREX or ARAX wasn't in the fucking directory of the airport haha). Yi and me havn't seen each other for half a year so it was great to see her again. We stayed at Vanilla Hostel 1, which is highly recommended ! I paid only 200€ for 8 nights, and it's a super clean and cute hostel, very close to the the subway and the host Soo is so nice. So if you are going to Seoul and need a nice comfortable stay, stay here !!! : D On the first night we went to Hongdae, which is super cool and hipster, went clubbing in Itaewon, with after-clubbing sangyopsal, and the next day we checked out Dongdaemeun and Gangnam. Every part of Seoul has a different vibe, and Hongdae is just as cool as Gangnam ! Hongdae is more teen, twens, crowded and very very crowded at the weekend. Gangnam is more sophisticated, but not like super luxury as it is said in the travel guys. It's a decent mix between high end and street brands. Everything is affordable, Seoul is not exactly expensive. It's about the same as German prices. Taxi is cheaper though. Train as well. Seriously, Seoul is soooo exciting and truly the city that never sleeps ! You never get that deserted feeling of a dead city at any hour of the day, because believe me, Yi and me have been out at any possible hour of the day. Part two coming soon ! SEOUL IS AMAZING !