Munich Sundaze

Yi and me decided to do something less internet today, so we went to the museum of modern arts in Munich today. I must say that the exhibitions weren't so much to my taste. It wasn't very inspirational, rather disturbing. But for 1€ entrance fee I can't think of a cheaper way of spending my Sunday afternoon in Munich. 

Munich is really great in a way, but in a way it also depresses me. There is so little change, and if there is, it is so slow that I barely realize it. I love the calmness of the city, but as an ambitious 23-year old, I don't want to live here right now. If I were to come back to Germany I'd definitely move back to Berlin because there is more creative vibe. 

Octoberfest was also fun for like two times, but the last time on Friday fucked me up big time. I had 3 beer, like three litre of strong beer, and I don't even know how I got home. I had a complete blackout and suddenly I was at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. I tried to call uber because I was out of cash but I was too drunk to deal with my phone as well. I walked around for a bit, then I found a familiar street and eventually made it home, walking. Ohhh gosh, I was so fed up and cried when I got home. Nothing happened to me but it was so exhausting. Way too drunk, way too dangerous. It's not even fun anymore. That's why I prefer to avoid alcohol completely these days. I can say that I've been pretty sober for a while, and I like it so much better that way. Sleep early, wake up early. I have so much free time these days, I will go buy painting stuff tomorrow and make myself a new occupation !