Typical Autumn

I've been back to Munich for like ten days already and every day I'm quite busy, so time goes by fast. A tad too fast D: Can you believe that within 9 days I used up 3GB of 3G ??? I can't believe it myself. I use my phone non-stop since Vietnam and I'm shocked by myself. 3GB of 3G used to last a whole month ! I'm on my phone and online waaay too much. I used to read magazines and newspapers, go shopping and stuff, but now I do nothing except being online lol.

earrings - Floralpunk | scarf - Zara | pants - Zara | boots - from Korea

It feels great to be able to dress in layers and to throw over a scarf to pull off an outfit, and it would be even better if I had more clothes. I brought only 3 pants, 4 tops and 2 jackets from Vietnam, and most of my clothes are still in Berlin. Can't wait to go to Berlin !!! Eat eat eat eat and shopping and going home ! (My own home. Munich is like my mom's home now.)