First Day Back in Munich

I've been back in Munich for a week and I really love it. The morning sun, the fresh air, walking to the underground station listening to your favourite playlist, sleeping early and waking up early because there is not much to do at night. Munich is truly a lifestyle city. People care about fashion and great food. I see so many well dressed people, and I feel really content strolling around. After having been to Vietnam for half a year I see this city in a completely new light. It's true that it's not the most exciting city in the world, but it does have its charm. But I can also not wait to visit Berlin, because Berlin is just as much home to me as Munich. Can't wait to see all my friends and visit home.

On my first day back we had perfect weather and I went to Ikea and Maison du Monde with my mom, because we are about to open a new nail salon, and I'm in charge of the concept so I want everything to be perfectttt. I still have to get some stuff for Floralpunk done AND meet friends so I still feel busy, but somehow more relaxed. I got an adapter for my camera today and I will start taking photos again tomorrwww ! Kenh14 is also about to do an article on me and I edited the photos myself, so I got them right here and want to upload them so badly but I can't haha. Anyone in Munich who wants to do a shoot with me la ? I'm open for everything : ))