#Floralpunkcrew in Singapore | Day 2 & 3

Travel Diary:

On our second day I really wanted to go to Tiong Bahru, because me and chi Nhan had heard so many cool things about it. The truth is, it was a little disappointing. I was expecting more than just a few cafes and book stores. But on the other hand, Tiong Bahru Bakery was soooooo fucking amazing ! The pastries and the bread were so delicious that I had to come back before I flew back to Saigon, just to buy some bread to bring home. Seriously, every coming to Singapore should try Tiong Bahru Bakery ! SO GOOD ! We also went to PS. Cafe, which had really delicious pizza. Too bad I didn't take any pictures of the food, you can find those food pictures, taken by iPhone, on my Instagram though. We hung out with chi Nhan, a Minh and Hehe, then went seperate ways to get ready for the Big Bang concert that night ! I didn't bring my DSLR for the concert though. The concert itself was a disappointment as well, I barely saw G-Dragon. I barely saw anyone : (( The stage was rlllyyyy super shit. When they sand the ballads, they were on the main stage really far away, and the screens were off. Great. Huhu. On the third day we went eating & shopping, the usual. I bought a bunch of books at Kinokuniya, which were really overpriced, but it was hard to hold back, because the range of books was overwhelming ! Not comparable to the few English books they usually have at Vietnamese book stores. 

I took more photos with my iPhone than with my DSLR actually, but all the pictures got deleted when I got my phone stolen and it was reset(ted?) haha.