#Floralpunkcrew in Singapore | Day 1

Travel Diary:

My blogging style has really not changed a lot ever since I was 15. A lot of pictures and a little text. I'm not much of a writer unless it's about my feelings, thoughts and emotions haha. Anyway, here are the impressions I took on our first day in SIngapore when we went to see Big Bang and closed the shop for four days. On our first day we just went to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice and then strolled around Orchard road.

The two sales girls Hang & Phuong and me stayed at a Hotel called ABC Premium Hostel. The dorms were fairly clean and comfortable, the overall concept of the hostel is nice, but bathrooms could have been cleaner. It was really cheap though. We paid like 2 mil for 4 days and 3 nights. If you first arrive in SIngapore Changi Airport and get out and want to buy a Sim card, I recomment getting one at that UOB Exchange place, where you can get the 15$ dollar sim cards that are advertised at the airport. You have to ask for that one though, because otherwise they will try to sell you the more expensive one. Orchard road has stayed pretty much the same since my last visit, and it's great for commercial shopping when you haven't been to all the major brands and retail chains for months, but actually everything is so much more expensive than in Germany. Zara jeans for example cost 20€ more. With the Euro so low, it's not recommended to shop at those places. I remember when I went to Singapore the first time, 5 years ago, the Euro was so strong, everything felt super cheap. Nothing much else to say yo. I still have so many pictures to edit and upload. Day 2&3 of Singapore following in a bit, and then I still have to edit the pictures from Nam Hai Resort, where I went with Nga, and also photos of my most recent trip to Hanoi. Anyway, enjoyyy.