What is expensive ?

Everything comes with a price tag nowadays. Floralpunk is being accused of being 'expensive'. There are shops selling the same things as Floralpunk. Much cheaper. Let me tell you why and then you decide what is expensive. I spend excessive hours and hours looking for new inspirations and products to the extent that my eyes are about to pop out in front of my macbook and phone screen. My product range is selected. Other places see what I sell, see that I sell it well and probably just buy it because Floralpunk has it, along with a lot of other junk. Yes there is one earring in their product range that is like the product I found, but they also have a lot of trash so they probably did not invest the time and money as I do to search for products (I don't want to accuse anyone of course, but I'm thinking about some particular shops I have laid eyes upon.) 

I spent WEEKS and invested so much money into Floralpunk's branding and hired amazing graphic designers from Singapore, who visualized the branding for me. Up till recently I had spent a lot of time every day to find a good printing place for our packaging so it meets my expectations. Because I have an amazing branding by ODDDS, why should I let it go to waste and not realize this amazing work ? It comes with a price tag, too. I have seen shops who jst copied it in a very cheap way. Do you know that our jewelry box is 1$ per piece ? Do you know that we have to produce a whole lot of them each time and that costs too ? We even have our clothes bags printed with our logo and send out thank you cards woth each order. Do you think that is all for free ? Of course the shop that just buys a cheap box for 5 cents can offer a cheaper price on her products.

I have a store that is financed by Floralpunk only, and six employees. Three sales girls, two marketing girls, and one graphic designer. I have to secure their income too, not just my own. Of course those Facebook & Instagram shops selling for cheap don't have the same costs as I do.

I have an online shop, which I got redone twice, because it was not up to my expectations, and is still not. I will soon have to pay a bunch of money to get it redone again. I pay monthly fees for that and transaction fees. I pay for the people who upload these products, measure and weigh them and write their product descriptions.  

I only get praise for Floralpunk's visuals. Thanks a lot. But behind every Instagram post, there is me and my social media assistant, and we have very high expectations of ourselves and have to meet them too. It's work !!! We are not like the other shops just copying photo styles and uploading a bunch of bullshit. We care about what we do and it takes time and time is money ! 

Do you know how long I have been looking for, for a suitable background for Florapunk product pictures that fit with out style ? Our store's concrete floor. Do you think I did not invest time and money to find that out ? The others just copied Floralpunk. Easy, huh ? Do you know that I take my product pictures myself and sit and crouch on the floor in the heat, because our store has only one A/C on the other side of the room ? Just to get a good angle ? So thanks a lot for telling me Floralpunk has nice visuals, but fuck you for telling me Florapunk is overpriced. 

You have no fucking idea how much work is put into it, all the ideas that I have for it, that need to be realized. It's fucking business. I set the prices suitable for my shop in order for it to grow ! And I want it to grow and improve fast so I'm never ever going to sell at a 100% profit rate. I'm not gonna sell one product in order to be able to buy one new product ? Where will the money for the rent, my employees, the online shop, a new A/C and locks for my storage closet come from ? Because some motherfucking bitch even stole stuff from me in the nastiest way. Fuck you, really. 

What is expensive ? earrings for 15€ ? Yes, maybe. If you don't know about how much work is put behind it. I'm not some kid sitting at home selling my stuff with ideas and photos stolen from other people. If you don't know how I lay awake at night just to browse pinterest and instagram and blogs and all kinds of things to make Florapunk better. If you don't know how every time I have to spent 1000$ on packaging it hurts as fuck, but my visual eye still needs Florapunk to look nice. How I have to bother myself to take product pictures for Instagram with my DSLR every second day instead of just uploading shitty so-so pics. If you don't know that, maybe 15€ is expensive. But sometimes I don't even think it's worth all the effort I put into it. 

I don't even want to talkabout my buying trips to China. The fucking worst. Stomach aches, nasty hotels and smelly Chinese people in the subway, and the most disgusting toilets ever. All just to find maybe some cool new products. 

Of course you can still make money and grow your business selling a lot cheaper. But seriously guys, I do not want to and will never do that, because it's not worth my effort. It's all calculated. And I suffer enough already. I don't know what expensive is to you, but running this business is more expensive to me than you think, so don't complain about my products being expensive. Just buy or don't. I can't be bothered. Free economy. I have to live and make profit, too. If you are jealous, and hate it when someone makes more revenue and money than you, go join your closest socialist party. Bye.