Love is not important anymore

I don't know whether other people feel the same, but these days it's hard to get acknowledgement for a relationship. If you say it's love, people will give u a 'bitch, please' kinda look. What matters more than how you feel when you are with your partner or how your partner makes you feel (two completely different things), is what his occupation is. How much money he makes. How handsome or tall or big he is. What his parents do. who his friends are. What car/bike he drives. What phone he uses. I feel like people love to judge more than they will be happy for you. As in, if something doesn't fulfill their expectation, they will believe that you will be unhappy and the relationship is stupid or wrong. It's not important anymore to get to know a person, their personality, what makes them funny and good. Because that takes time, but in our generation we don't have the time because we also have to update our Instagrams and Facebooks and read about the latest gossip, that we don't give a shit about love actually unless it's in a movie or on Kenh14. We don't take the time to see and observe whether someone is happy or inlove, because it's so much quicker to judge from superficialities. I'm in a relationship right now and don't even dare to tell anyone because of the reasons stated above. People will not care about whether I'm happy or not. What matters is who he is. And that's so sad since he is a person that needs to be discovered, as he's notcool or funny at first sight. It takes time to get to know him as it took time for me to fall in love with him.