Floralpunk doesn't really have a founding date. I first got the idea about three years ago and at first I wanted to stock clothes, but I didn't have enough money so I slowly started with jewelry. It was about this time in summer two years ago. Back then I was finished with high school almost three years already and I had already started and broke one undergrad course called media design. At that time I wasn't really doing anything except for waiting tables and hanging out, clubbing and travelling around. I made pretty decent money as waitress haha. I was about half a year in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend and was so terrified by future and ambition about every single day. My mom kept nagging about me having to go to university, but I simply didn't know what to study. Floralpunk started off really crappy actually, I sold it mainly through my own Instagram and Facebook, to my friends and family. It wasn't until October that year, i think, that I started an Instagram & Facebook account for Floralpunk. I started another course at university in Berlin, called regional studies, and focused on studying Chinese. I also moved to Berlin and lived with my ex-bf who didn't like going out so much, so I stopped clubbing and playing altogether and actually had so much free time that I worked on Floralpunk a lot. University wasn't very demanding and I still had plenty of time for blogging, doing lash extensions and Floralpunk. At first my revenue was about 200€ a month in October and went up to almost 2000€ by January. I did everything myself and had basically no money to invest besides the money that I made off Floralpunk, because the money I made of doing lash extensions I spent on myself mostly. Shopping, food and all that. I also got student loan which I also spent on shopping mostly haha.

By the way, the thing with lash extensions, I started doing it because I told my mom how it is easily made money, and my mom didn't want me to wait tables and work at night in Berlin, so she paid for my course, which was extremely expensive, but in the end it paid off. By summer last year, before I moved to Vietnam I had a stable customer base and it paid for all my expenses and I even had money left to save. I hated doing at first, but somehow ended up liking that job, because you can help someone become sooo much prettier : D After I came back to Vietnam I stopped doing it though, because I hate doing natural. When I was here, sometimes I did lashes and it was so short and invisible and girls still complained that it was 'too much'. So annoying. So I stopped doing it altogether, and I was too busy with Floralpunk anyway.

Within these two years I have grown so much, there were SO MANY ups and downs, and I had to struggle so many times until this very day. You can't imagine how hard it is for a person with a nature like mine. I used to be very very depressive, lazy, negative and a natural procrastinator. But once you start taking your job serious and have a business to run, you simply have to overcome yourself and just do what you have to do. I'm still not quite there, and sometimes I feel sorry for the Floralpunk Crew because I'm not a very decisive, strong and leading boss, but I hope I'll get there and become the strong woman I have always wanted to be.

I'll turn 23 in one month on July 26th, and I still can't believe it. TWENTYFUCKINGTHREE. I was 18 like yesterday ??? It's time to start taking responsibility and live my life up to my ambitions. I have to be an adult now. Lol wtf, just kidding. But I swear, the past five years, since I graduated from high school have gone by in a blast, but thanks to Floralpunk I hope I will be able to live my life the way I want to. Most of all independently. Up till now my mom asks me when I'll continue with university. University is an institution for your mind and for your own knowledge. It's not exactly a moneymaking path to me, so I will attend university and get a degree when I feel ready to. Because there is no way I will stop doing Floralpunk, go back to Germany, study and then start working at a company for a probably shit salary, because I'll probably have shit grades.