Day 3: chatuchak & siam square

All the post titles from my BKK series have shopping in them because that's seriously what I came here for : ) I bought new products for Floralpunk, discovered brands, and bought a lot of random stuff for myself like honey, a pink pan at Daiso for not even 100K VND, and a handmade magnet. I love random things that remind of the place I visited. I don't like travelling to another country and then just ending up at Zara or H&M ! Which is really expensive here btw. I got a lot of local commercial products this time, and I wonder why I don't spend money on such products in Vietnam haha. Oh, maybe because Vietnam is so pricey ? I swear after this trip, I totally feel like Vietnam is super expensive when it comes to shopping and food. Not taking the limited choices into consideration. Fooding at indoor restaurants with aircon and a certain level of cleanliness in Saigon is as expensive as fooding at average restaurants in Berlin. Anyway I really liked Bangkok and feel like I used my time to the fullest because I did spend a lot of money on research beforehand ! Google served me well : ) 

I forgot my camera charger at home so here my iPhone impressions: 


You can't imagine how exhaustedddd we were when we came back to the hotel !!!! Man I really would have loved to take the cab but first of all I hate bargaining with cab drivers and second, shit traffic even at night.