Impressions of Hanoi

Travel Diary:

This post was due about months ago! I don't even remember when I last went to Hanoi before this time. Around tet I think when it was still cool. I loved the weather back then ! My casual day in Hanoi looks pretty much like this: wake up, lunch, coffee, hanging out with friends, shopping, checking out new stores and friends stores, coffee and hanging out again, dinner. On that day I went to visit Zero Studio at x98, 97 Hoang Cau Street. One of my favourite shops, visually, SSStutter is located there as well, but they were closed because it was Tet. After that I went to eat Oc, which was really shit, got ripped off by taxi driver, who drove me one round around the lake, and then finally I got to meet some of my favourite Hanoian girls: Sun, Hoai Anh & Hang (who I actually met the first time that day haha). Nothing against girls here in Saigon, but I don't know why I make more friends in Hanoi lol. I love taking random pictures while just hanging out so much more than taking photos of people posing. Maybe that's thanks to my love to capture impressions more than to create.

I still have tons of photos to edit, from my last time in Hanoi and from the past couple days here. I can only spare max 3 hours a day for my blog, because it is a lot of work, and I can't work on it during daytime because Floralpunk has first priority : (