Floralpunk at The December Co.

42 Ly Tu Trong, District 1, HCMC, 1rst Floor
Facebook: The December Co.

That feeling when you walk into a place and you feel like it was made for you and just you. In my case that would be The December Co. in the heart of Saigon. I love that light and crisp, yet moody and comfortable vibe that it has. I love clean and chic places. And I love white marble which is perfect for flatlays. At this cafe, which is a rarity in Saigon these days, you get bright and light daylight until the late afternoon. And I don't mean the hot and yellow kind of light. I mean the pale and fade kind of beautiful daylight, which I absolutely love. So when me and chi Loan were looking for a location to shoot flatlays and products, this was the perfect location.

Besides the cafe the owner also sells clothes from her own fashion brand called The Hair Club there. A very basic and minimal collection for the modern and emancipated woman just like herself. 

These are some of our new products: Quay Sunglasses and Blacklist Studio Notebooks/Agendas from Australia and of course we have a bunch of new jewelry as well. I love stocking photogenic products, as superficial as this may sound. I love products that look good for photos. Of course they need to be practical and beautiful in real, too, but if they look good in flatlays, trust me, they usually also look good in real : )) More of this flatlay series will be up on Floralpunk's social media this month. Yes, we have shootings just for instagram photos and we shoot almost daily. That's what I do. I'm a blogger and I love social media, what can I do. Anyway, you should definitely check out this cafe, and best would be to come off peak cafe hours (like after lunch), since it tends to be crowded around that time. It's on the first floor, turn left then pass some nice local brands like Rue Des Chats & Lam Gia Khang, then you're there ! That's the charm about Saigon. You never know what expects you behind the facades you see from the street.

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