Wow it's been crazily busy at Floralpunk lately. We are a young team full of inexperienced people (including me), who are still learning, with a bad manager (me). I sometimes really wish that I had someone standing above me advising me what to do, what not to do, to remind me of the deadlines, to push me harder and to feed me with tales of experience. I think organisation, especially when it comes to time management, are my weakest assets. You know, I used to be the super horrible procrastinator, who never did anything besides clubbing and being lazy. With so much work going on, it's simply impossible for me to be lazy, but I'm still bad at management and organisation. And I'm also not strict enough. I love my girls, but I slack off, they also slack off. Which I can totally relate to. There is simply work you like and work you don't like haha. 

Maybe one reason why I can't organise my time is because I don't feel it anymore. Hours and days just pass by. I feel like I'm absolutely not in control of it. It was Monday last week just now, and now it's Monday again already. Time rushes by so fast, like seriously so fast, I can't even grasp the time that passes by. 

 We got candles from a Korean brand called Bluete in, Sunglasses from Quay (Australia), Notebooks from Blacklist Studio (Australia) and it could have been two weeks or ago, or just yesterday. I wouldn't even know. Urgh. Time, where do you go ? : ( Anyway, today was a downer, we got some more new arrivals in the middle of christmas promotion season and that was a bad move of mine. 

new arrivals in the middle of christmas promotion season and that was a bad move of mine. We got so much work going on already and then we have to shoot the new products as well. Time management. Non-existent. Back then in Berlin when I still had the time, I would read books about it, but now I don't have the time to. I just try to deal with all the work as good as I can. 

So this week it's shooting new arrivals, shooting product photos for the Brapio x Floralpunk collab and possibly a Lookbook, and then I should take more photos for Blush to promote it as well. Actually I'd need some more interns haha. I hope things get better after Christmas next week. But sales will slow down for sure : (  Anyway I will try to do my best. Not mentioning editing videos for my Youtube channel, furnishing my apartment, meetings etc. etc. GANBATTEEEEEE !!! (Omg looking back at the old me three years ago, I really didn't value my free time at all, such a sucker, for real.)