The good bad

It's kind of weird to me when people tell me that I inspire them. I still feel a lot like the girl I was 5 years in a way. Not the exact role model. Fighting with my mom almost every day. Smoked a lot. Drank a lot. Didn't give a fuck about school. Never actually thought that I'd even pass High School. I studied a total of four hours for my four final exams = zero effort. I prefered to work and earn money so I could spend it on clubbing and getting wasted. I didn't have any ambitions, suffered from depression, tumblr was my best friend. Actually I spent like every possible second online. I never got along with people except for the few friends that I had. I was everything that other parents would have considered a 'bad child'. Even my mom told me so. She thought I was hopeless. Starting uni, quitting uni. Starting uni, quitting uni. Never listened to a thing my parents told me. Made huuuuge mistakes. Regretted and sometimes learned from them. Used to sleep at 7am and wake up at 3pm then go to work and then clubbing till dawn. Unhealthy lifestyle, I admit. But the thing is, I never, even for one second, thought that what I was doing was bad. Unhealthy, yes. Unproductive, yes. But those things don't make a bad person. Never have never will. But still, not someone you would typically look up to. I know people look up to what I have achieved, but this fucked up person is also me.