A Day Trip to Königssee

I have been wanting to visit the Königssee, a lake in southern Bavaria close to the Austrian border, since 10th grade. Back then my class went on a trip there, and I don't remember why I didn't go, but I didn't. And occasionally looking at the beautiful photos of it, I have been wanting to go ever since.

I love short day trips, because they barely require preparation, and even though I had to wake up early, I was so excited ! The weather was on our side, and I'm glad to be able to show you beautiful impressions of the Koenigssee and the island we went to, called St. Bartholomä. The actual reason for this trip was a friend´s cover shoot, and he wanted mountains and autumn nature, so I suggested the Königssee. So glad everyone agreed to go, it was really breathtakingly beautiful.

All in all I'd really like to recommend this place to everyone who is looking for a short getaway from Munich on a sunny day, no matter what season. The lake and the mountains that surround it are amazingly photogenic, and it's really just a short ride from Munich. In autumn and winter, when it gets dark earlier, the boat tours stop at 4pm, so if you want to discover the island and the surroundings properly I recommend arriving early. We only had three hours and didn't get to go up the mountains, which was really such a waste ! So plan your trip to start early, otherwise you might miss out just like us.

I have another post of this trip in the making, with photos taken from a Minh's Canon 5D Mark II though. My photos were taken with my Canon EOS M2, and a video is also already in the making. I got that much time you know. I have no idea why I get to be so productive in Germany, while I'm really lazy in Vietnam.