I know eyeliner. And I also know mascara. After ten years of searching trying, here is my top 5. I decided to make a video about this, because I wanted to update my Youtube channel, but didn't want to go outside for filming, so make-up video was the only choice. These are seriously the 5 products I couldn't live without right now, the very essence of my daily make-up look.

Gel Eyeliner from The Face Shop
This Eyeliner is smooth, black as hell and it's so long lasting. Excatly what you look for in a gel eyeliner. The brush that comes along with it is pretty decent, too ! But if you prefer long pencils, I'd recommend buying a proper one. This foldable one is wobbly at times.

Ink Graffi Liquid Liner from The Face Shop
I stopped using liquid liner when I was about 18 and discovered gel eyeliner and wanted to achieve a bolder eyeliner look. I felt that liquid eyeliner was always either too shiny, or the brush was not good enough for me to draw a neat line, or it was not black enough, but you couldn't do layers with it. I bought this one by accident because I actually wanted to buy the pen eyeliner for lazy days, but I'm so glad I did. This one is seriously good, long-lasting, a very intense black and I can achieve almost the same result with it as with the gel eyeliner. I even tend to go for this option these days, because you don't have to clean the brush after using it.

Inglot Matt Lipstick
I have never been a fan of lipstick. Because I seem to always have dry lips, I felt like putting on lipstick would make them more dry. That was always the case with MAC lipsticks. But now I bought this Inglot one, because Klaudia always uses this brand, and I'm SO in love. No dry lips, beautiful matte colour and the design is sleek too. If you, like me always feared using lipstick for the same reasons, try Inglot. I can't wait to buy more colours. At 23, I finally found a lipstick for myself. #lifechanging

Here is the Youtube video. If you want to subscribe to my channel just search for Julia Doan. I have a weird Youtube account name, ntokyot, which I stole from Yi back then haha.