Weekly Floralpunk Update

Here are the photos that my girls took this week and sent to me for editing. They are by no means professional photographers, but they did a great job. Me myself can't deal with the camera too well. I learnt everything from my ex bf who is a wedding photographer, and I do bits of Lightroom but when it comes to Photoshop, bye. I have a specific style in mind for Floralpunk, but it's hard to achieve if it's not your personal. Definitely monochrome, black and white, classy and high quality, but my personal photos are usually on the darker side, so I often end up having to edit Floralpunk photos at least two times and every time increase the level of exposure. I'd love to have someone on the team who clearly understands what I want, and can actually realize that. If that was the case, there would be so much less stress for me and my crew. And I'd pay that person a lot, definitely. I mean each of my crew members is getting better at understanding what I want from Floralpunk day by day, but without a real photographer I think it will be hard to realize 100%.

By the way, the boxes for Blush, our shoe brand, arriveddd and I wish I could actually see and feel them : ) I'm such a sucker for packaging and I actually love how it looks ! I hope we can sell the shoes well, I'm so looking forward to it. Shoes are like one of my favourite parts of an outfit. I can never decide... Shoes or coats haha.