So, you want to have a pretty, organized and minimal lifestyle with only those essential things that you actually need ? Read 'The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying: The Japanese Art of Decluttering And Organizing', written by Marie Kondo. That woman changed my life. Or at least my thinking. Even though I didn't get to realize everything yet, I'm deeply convinced and determined that I will. Because I can totally imagine that kind of feeling what it feels like when your home consists only of those pieces that you truly love and cherish. No more clutter, no more unnecessary papers lying around, nail polishes that you will never ever use again, and all those school books from a decade ago ! How much dust they collect and how unnecessary. We all love to pin these beautiful interior pictures on Pinterest, don't we? But have you ever noticed how very minimal those homes look ? Only the few beautiful things that you truly need. No trash, no clutter. I'm so gonna achieve that ! I'm currently at my mom's home so I can't do it here, but once I'm back in Vietnam I will make sure to declutter my home and my life ! I'm already trying to leave behind bad habits like sticking to the phone all night and sleeping at 5am (it's so hard), but I really want it. And I'll do it ! Right now I'm going through all my browser bookmarks and try to remove and sort out everything unnecessary like dead links or online shops I never visit. Because I carry these stupid bookmarks to every device I use, and they always bother me. They are my online clutter. Here is my to-do list of what I have to sort out on my devices (things that always bother me, but I have never bothered to do something about):

  1. Browser bookmarks Chrome & Safari (DONEEEE AFTER 2 HOURS !)
  2. E-Mail Subscriptions (!!!!!!!!! I GET SO MUCH SPAM EVERYDAY AND I HATE IT)
  3. Rename iPhone contact list properly (Sometimes I don't know who's calling me. Vietnamese names are all the same lol)
  4. Delete Apps on iPhone I don't use (way too many)
  5. Sort out photos (I do this regularly but never strict enough, I have a lot of images 3-4 times in my camera roll -.-)
  6. Sort out stuff on my hard drive and seriously delete things I don't need anymore
  7. Delete iMessage messages, they take up way too much space on my phone & Macbook
  8. Sort out Notes & Google Docs, delete unnecessary stuff and collect coherent information into one single note (I have at least 6 notes with my bank account number because I can't memorize it and write it down again and again. Additionally to that I also have at least 3 photos of my bank card with the same bank account number. Hmmm.

That's all I can think of right now. Do you feel me ? Any other suggestions for what I could do to declutter my devices ? I'm up for every recommendation, I'm one of the messiest, non-organied online individuals out there, probably. And I hate it. I want only things that are truly necessary or beautiful to be on my devices ! In my life ! Let's get this done man. It doesn't sound like anything, but it's probably gonna take me a week to get through this to-do list.