All this hype about a pair of sneakers. Actually people have always hyped certain sneakers ever since they exist probably, but this time with the Yeezy Boost, it was different. Because the hype was real man. A PNM asked me to post the white version on my Facebook and it got 600 likes overnight and tons and tons of comments. Like '1000$ for a pair of sneakers, are you crazy?!' and 'ohmygod I want them so bad!!'. Stuff like that. People even had serious fights about the reasonability of the reselling price in the comment section of my post. I was like, ohmygod, what's with these shoes ?! I'm not really a sneaker head, I do appreciate a pair of clean beautiful sneakers, but I do not really look at the brand or model. I'm that kind of indifferent person. If I like it, I do, if I don't, I don't. And when I first saw the Yeezy 350, I didn't like them. I felt like the world went mad. But a PNM explained everything to me, about the sneaker head scene, and how camping for limited sneakers works, and man, it's a whole crazy passion on its own ! And I always appreciate a good heaps of passion, whether it's for cheese or sneakers. And they do look nice in my eyes now. And here is my take on a Yeezy Boost 350 Black OOTD. // Photos by Phan Nhat Minh

Blazer - Zara
T-Shirt - Coble Clothing
Asymmetrical top underneath T-Shirt - Market
Ripped Skinny Jeans - Zara (buy here)
Bag - Stella McCartney (buy here)
Hat - & other stories (buy here)
Shoes - Adidas