Let's talk about sex.

I grew up thinking that sex is an absolutely present and natural thing. I grew up thinking that nudity doesn't mean slutty, and if you are hot and happy enough to show your body to the world, so be it. After I started working in gastronomy I also grew up thinking that alcohol and cigerettes are nothing bad. I met amazing people with amazing lifestyles. And they had one-night stands, drank plenty of Tequila, smoked weed, cigarettes and who knows what, and they were still amazing people. What I love about sex and the city, the series is, that it depicts a female life how I experience it as well. You meet guys, you get lovesick, you do stupid things but you still have your best friends, who love you, no matter what happens, and life goes on. So I really really dislike people who call other girl's sluts, just because they live their life how they want to. And if it involves having sex with strangers every week of the night, it's not for you to judge. If she's happy and having fun the way she's living her life, why would you blame her for being happy and having fun ? That's absolutely ridiculous in my eyes. Come on. We life in the twenty-first century, in a society that tries to empower women's rights. Why should we, women of this generation, think like men of 50 years ago, who expected women to be a virgin until marriage ? We should be proud that we got to this point, that a woman in our society can expose her body to the world and have sex with as many people as she wants, WITHOUT LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. Which is not reality in still many countries of this world. There are still countries in which your father can decide for you to get stoned to death, because you got RAPED (had sexual intercourse and hence are not 'clean' anymore). I'm so annoyed by all these moralisers, who are like, 'oh I'm such a sophisticated and modern woman', but then judge other women for their lifestyle. Seriously, watch more Sex and the City is all I can tell those people!!! Yes, Samantha has so much fictional sex like probably no other woman in history, but does that make her a bad person ? If you are being reasonable, you know the answer is no. 

I even hate a lot of vietnamese-mentality guys who are not going to date a girl, because she's had so many guys before. Oh wow. Oh wooooow. Does it hurt your pride that your potential girlfriend-to-be is not a virgin anymore ? Are you from the past century ? If she is a beautiful, intelligent woman with a big heart, who is kind, does having had sex with more than ten different guys makes her a bad person ? That's bullshit. I once knew such a guy. I had sex with enough guys that I lost count. I don't even remember and that's the truth. As if I care about how many guys I had sex with, please. Anyway, when he 'found out' (why didn't you just ask me in the first place when it matters so much that the girl has basically no sexual experience), he called me a whore, a bitch, cheap and godknowswhat. Me and my friend in Germany laughed about it. Because just the idea of someone calling you names because of what you did in the past, which doesn't affect the present at all, was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. A woman, does not disgrace herself, and does not lack morals, just because she has had sex with more than three people in the past. I'm 23 now. I had my first sex like a decade ago. Bitch, please. I always support the opinion that no matter what you have done in your life, there is no reason to be ashamed of it, or feel that you are lower than anyone else. And other people have no right to blame you. As long as you are at peace with your mind, no one is to judge. There are bigger problems in this world. So can we just leave behind this thought that a woman can scaled by her level of 'pureness' ??? 

I've been thinking about this topic many times before but I never got to write about it, because... I don't even know why. I hate to see women bashing other women, and I hate guys judging women, because of sex. Hellooo, it's sex !!! No one got murdered ok ? They maybe even had fun while they did it! A one-night stand is like riding the rollercoaster. Maybe not always a good idea, but you're not gonna be like, 'OHMYGOD she's a bad person because she rode the rollercoaster too many times!!!'. So everyone, please chill and watch sex and the city. Peace out. 

PS. I'm just talking about sexual intercourse in general, and not of factors like having sex with your teacher for better grades, cheating or having sex with 10-year old boys. Of course that's a different more complicated matter that requires different other point of views.