Some behind-the scenes with the #floralpunkcrew.

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Model: Nhu Quan
Photos by me

I know in summer you're supposed to do something summer-y as in beach vibe concepts or something, but this year I simply don't feel it. I don't know whether it's because I haven't been on vacation properly or because I have a baby or stress is killing me. But I simply do not feel it. That's why after we tried to do a more feminine shoot with the straw hats (check it on our instagram @floralpunk), I felt like doing one more shoot. With Nhu and her personal style. Actually her style is so great already, I barely ever have to tell her to do any styling. This outfit I saw her wearing in our insta stories, and I told her to bring it to the shoot haha. Nhu is the girl you see in our insta stories most of the time, our social media executive, btw : ) She's one of the few people, I see her wearing something, then I want to buy it. Like the Wephobia shirt from our last shoot, I think it looks great on her and then I go try it on, just to realize that it looks shit on me haha. The shirt she's wearing in this shoot is from Wephobia as well btw. 


One of my most frequently asked questions. So here you go.
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Ofelia lipstick lovesick crush on you

Lovesick by OFELIA. This dark purple-reddish color I use when I'm too lazy to do eye make up and act like I'm putting an accent on my lips. Sometimes I leave the house with just this lip color, concealer and eyebrows and people think I did make up. Maybe because that's what a lot of Vietnamese girls do for their make up routine.

Ofelia Lipstick Crush on YOu

I use this orange-ish colour whenver I want to look like I have something on my lips, but don't want to look either too girly or too much of a statement. The colour is called Crush On You by OFELIA.


Julia Doan.jpg

This is the most asked for lipstick ! Like whenever I use it, somebody will ask for sure. I think it's because it makes me look rosy. And fresh I guess. When people ask me i just say YSL Vynil Cream - 404. But the full (hella long) name is actually YSL Vernis A Levres Vynil Cream - 404 62N502. I have no idea which part is the colour code haha. I use this lip cream, which is kinda drying, whenever I want to look younger my age in combination with a pink-ish blush.

Ofelia lipstick

I cannot mention it enough, I'm not a beauty expert. I cannot look at your complexion and tell you which color will look good on you. I don't even know what looks good on me. I bought that NARS lipstick once. The color was Julie or something and I thought it looked ok-ish until Giang, my friend, told me straight in my face that it looks shit. And I bought it anyway because I thought it looked ok-ish. And I tested it once at home and resold it very cheaply at the next garage sale. So, these three colors are the ones that work for me. A light and fresh one, a safe medium one and one darker shade for events and stuff. 26 years on this planet and that's all I have managed so far haha. So next time you see a selfie of mine and wonder what color it is, it's most likely one of these three. I'm very minimal when it comes to make up and always use the same products (even though I buy new products all the time just to find out that I liked the old one better). So if you want me to do a post about my other make up products, gimme a like below. I've been wanting to do a youtube video about this forever but you know, time. A blog entry is still faster to make than a Youtube video, but still takes so much more effort than an instagram story, which will reach about 18K+ views, and this blog entry maybe 300. But hey, you 300, I know you care, and I really appreciate you having read as far as this very sentence ! : D 

Much love, Julia


Long overdue update in case you don't follow me on instagram.

Julia Junior Dong Ivy Tue Lam

I really was in a writing mood like half an hour ago. Before I picked up my phone and spent 30 minutes on instagram again. It's really a horrible addiction but also such a major part of my life and work. But often it also just makes me procrastinate. Usually every time I have the urge to write there is like an outline in my head, and the flow and thoughts just pour out automatically. When I'm not in a writing mood everything just doesn't come together as naturally. I wanted to journal. Like just write about my day. But I'll cut it down to this bit.

Today when JJ was sleeping, I looked at her and thought, 'oh my god I'm so blessed and I love you so much'. I love love love the fact that I have my own family now. My boyfriend and me share the same values and morals, and we love each other and our baby. That makes everything so much easier. Not less tiring. No matter how much you love your baby, having a baby is still tiring, but also so so so rewarding. And I'm really really happy. Not happy with myself specifically, more about that in my next blog entry, but with how my life went so far in general. Business is going well, even though we are having a bad month right now, love life is all good, baby is healthy and yeah, I'm really happy in general. There are some things that upset me in my life but I will rant about those later. For now, I'm just feeling really blessed.