“I believe in beauty and the strong impact it has on people. I believe in passion, in dreams and long for creation and visual aesthetics.”

Of common thought. Julia is my name. I don’t think iam outstanding. In fact I like being of the average kind.

Having been to a lot of places, having met a lot of different people and having been interested in a lot of different things iam a very freeminded person with bits of life experience and a very diverse sense of aesthetics.

Visual art and beauty, like fashion, being one of the major aspects in my life i have always longed to share what i saw and also what i had. I have been a blogger for eleven years.

I don’t mind sharing every bit and shit out of my life, because I accept life as it is and how it comes along, thus I have nothing to hide.

 Floralpunk as shop is my attempt to combine commercialism and my sense of fashion. It's an attempt to make a dream come true, that hopefully will go far.